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To invest in our own healing Resort we can also live in

My People this is a call for an uprising of another kind .... the kind where we take responsibility and use our resources to rescue ourselves... it will take the love and trust we lost for each other and $1

You see Family we've been numbered at 40 million here in America ... We must use our numbers and with a quickness as time eludes us... 

One may say what if 40 million of our people fail to be reached or most of them don't support the initiative. This is something we of 3PT gave conciderable thought to also... let's say at the very least we together as a people only reach 5 million for just $8 from each of us would still award us our target sought!

If it appears to you that there seems to be no end in sight of rising conflicts, and sickness mentally, spiritually, physically, economically and morally so much so that you worry about your children's future... Then worry no more and support this Challenge NOW!

Why stop at just one such community when we can build 7 or more ... Keep in Mind without Unity there can be no Thriving Comm-unity 

The Mission

Let's makee this gauge have a Grand Rising

Economic Base Now


Proud to bring inspirational solutions to our Toxic issues TODAY!

A sound alternative would offer at least 70% Resolve of our Top concerns ie... a somewhat safe haven, room for growth, progression with longevity.  More importantly there must be clear significant change, improvement or Correction from bad to measurable good.


To this extent, survival, emergency preparedness and security are the backbone of this community. With the full time residents the network of intel is continuous. Lil Amexem will have the ability to zone in on any breach of perimeter security or internal abuses of the honor system and natural law. Each resident will be trained in first response, stability, and restart of any of the structures or the commercial systems. Personal and family unit disaster preparedness is the rule. We subscribe to the rule that technologically, it costs far more to dig up yesterdays tech than it does to use tomorrows.  Preparedness for an organically grown tribe becomes the norm as you live it. Our farms, mills, andfactories manufacture everything we need, the excess is sold off on the open market


Economic Pep Talk

What's Key?

I use to say that we Trust in each other until i found that we are sorely lacking in that ability from all the shyster con artists living amongst us... Now i know it is in fact HEALING... Whom more need it than Ascendants of American Slavery? A community that heals services all of Humanity for if we fix us we can then fix others... It surely will manifest an opportunity for us as a community to service other Nationals around the world creating an international market for our Econoic Base


the Challenge....

People my say it don't matter who you are or who you claim to be because we're all american ... it must matter to someone as we have been numbered in population statistics which claims out of 300,000,000 living in America at least 40 Million are Ascendants of American Slavery once called Moors now called Black people... don't get mad let's get glad and work our numbers... How? Its too Simple! Just by Contributing to a Cause that Revives a lost Nation of people. Picture this

if our community took resposibilty for the reversal of our economic plight nearly over night depending how fast we act. Can you see what will happen once all 40 million of us give a $1 or if 20 million gave $2 or even if 10 million gave $4 or at the very worst 5 million gave 8 damn that's still under $10 and we've each at some point in life squandered more. Can We as a People hold each other accountable by inspiring each other to support the initiative despite the Challenge?

Economic Alchemy

Often people remind us that our people don't support each other and more accutely don't trust each other with our finances hard earned just for people to run off with it... in order for us to start the movement towards our healing Community we must first trust that we can do it or admit we're doomed to be property of another people as they have adopted you and use you up from labor to social and mental energy... in the church people throw money at the pulpit and just like with any religious group funding is raised for the organizations agenda not necessarily one you immediately benefit from, let's marvel at how the science of giving works...


With this Challenge originally borne of the Royal 9 Committee as the Three Point Turn Around (3PT) Initiative buy us all contributing our $1, $2, $4 or $8 into a trust fund and we agree to do this monthly would trigger finally our own National Treasury that funds our resolve of the development of our Resort Healing Communities. and there is no better feeling of accomplishment then when you know you built by your own chi and efforts instead of by handouts from others in the international community... at the onset the money will go in to a savings account until it hits $500 then it will be moved to an escrow account until it hits $5,000. At this point the funds will be put into a Trust Acct. until it reaches one Million where it will then be deemed a National Treasury for the building of our National Alternative Initiative.

An Alternative Project of Love and Healing

Ideally integration should have worked... but... how could it, when the people you are merging into hates you and your entire  community who once was their foot stool ... Not every European American feel this way but if there was a white supremacist march allowed today like the one on the mall back 1950's we'd probably see upwards of half of american in the promenade not withstanding the ones running the government... Now it seems even foreigners from around the globe come here treating us just like the oppressor has groomed them all to do... all while draining our community of its resources. it has become imperative that we do as the Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth has warned, for us to "COME OUT OF HER"... if only in small steps we must make moves starting with trust, to lead to healing ourselves in the way we prescribe... 

Our approach to resort healing living is a place not only for healing and therapy services but also to work in, or even live in, to not only occupy the tourist attraction hotel, to also buy and keep for life your Tiny Home or Dome Dwelling... the land will be able to sustain 4 to 5 farms. 4 industry cottages ie... Textiles, Furniture, Boats and Horse drawn Carriages... a cashless private society which uses only earth friendly Technologies... This is the Birth of an National Economic Base...And... Of course there would be a k to 12th grade universality with a campus for our children to come  exhale from the madness they are exposed to in public schools that have curriculum which only serve to keep our children off balance.

Yes, there is 40 million of me and you... but... How many of us out there who desire independence from the oppressive life style offered by this U.S. society, yet don't want to spill blood to achieve it?  Perhaps some may prefer living and working in the Rat Race invested cities and only want to support a location they can bring their family to and decompress.  It will behoove you to support this initiative that you will have a place tailored to your needs a place built on wholistic values, that resuscitate your spirit, revive your joy, reinvigorate your mind, recharge your energy off the all natural food and atmosphere that is the resorts design. Undoubtedly, this'll let you return to the vampiric metropolitan cities, knowing you helped to fund a place you and your family can escape to called Lil' Amexem home of the Healing Dome and Alternative Cultural Comm-Unity! Imagine 7 locations  or more that we as a people made a Reality!

In Conclusion

Questions about Gentrification and Integration's validity is at an all time high in our community forcing one to contemplate if it is in fact time to start investing in AOAS initiatives that allows us to finally Govern ourselves, Police Ourselves, Educate ourselves and Feed Ourselves in short separate to do for SELF.... While we at this time are all living in an International Corporate State, AOAS are the only ones who seems to be caught in a net of merciless oppression of lopsided injustice. Still we can effect a change if we stop trying to change the oppressor and change ourselves starting with our desires... that way we won't care if the powers that be take the cities away from us. We will simply leave and go to where they are leaving... THE GREAT OUTDOORS where there's fresh air free of city type pollution.  Where there's space for our youth to run, play and grow up in to expand their thoughts and dreams...


This Glorious Healing Movement will move in numbers to the rural areas and let them have the congested slumloard traps they want to rebuild... Might as well as we will no longer be able to afford to live there anyway, this has always been the crux of Gentrification ... AND... last i checked most in support of the system of things only seek to jail us, starve us, outright deny us, rob us, rape and kill us at such an alarming rate its starting to feel like Genocide, at the very least depopulation of many nationals, with us AOAS at the very top of this infamous list... It also appears that other Nationals have marked us as a failed people, while they too, copy and Steal our worst and best endeavors offered... some American Nationals have often been heard saying for us to go back to Africa, not knowing that we are already home and it is them who all need to go back home to Europe or wherever their Ancestors came from ...

LASTLYI want to say, to my National Family there is no need to confront the Oppressors with bodily harm etc. you see behind their cruel sadistic actions they've created a KARMATIC DEBT that's  being addressed spiritually. So it's time out for Marches, Protesting, Wining and begging for his love and respect... Its time for us to ACCESS OUR NUMBERS... We must face the fact that we can't change their hate until we change our allegiance which should now fully be toward each other... We ourselves must learn to love instead of hating each other... TODAY & FROM NOW ON LEARN TO LOVE each other again perhaps other's will love us again as the once awesome people on the planet who civilized most nations standing today, though most seem to hate us.... the only way they'll all miss our input is when we stop showing up for others and their causes and start showing up and showing out for US... This call for uprising is for us to love us enough to Donate and Contribute to this Alternative a simple Initiative that requires us to respect our numbers by giving your $1, $2, $4, $8 or more if you can stand it for someone you know who couldn't.... to put in the Trust Fund that obligates us to Trust in each other.... let nothing keep you from Participating NOW!

for more details on the projections for the Funds and Schemetics on the Community and see where the project first was born visit...

We Know what we must do to get it the way we need it NOW investigate the POSSIBILITES



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